Visit Lyon with private driver

Discover the best of Lyon and its history on a tour.

We’ll start our day with one of the main attractions of the city: gastronomy. In a gastronomic market (forget your diet, you’ll hardly resist!) your guide will introduce you to the best products and producers in the region and in whole France.

Our second stop will give us a view of the city as a whole; from the top of the hill you’ll learn the history of the city and its foundation. We’ll continue our tour with the most visited monument in the entire region of Rhône, impossible not to be thrilled. Leaving from there, we’ll discover vestiges and Roman ruins that will make you understand the city even more.

Stop for lunch in the Renaissance region, UNESCO heritage, in one of the typical local restaurants, very well recommended and previously tested by our team.

Afterwards we allow time the digestion to occur, while we wait nothing better than a walk around the old neighborhood, crossing secret passages that you would not find without the aid of your guide. An immersion into the mysteries of the city and everyday life.
We’ll continue our tour visiting a more contemporary neighborhood and current heart of the city, which reminds Paris a lot, with its Hausmannien style buildings, the countless boutiques of great French brands, bars and coffee shops.


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