Private driver CAB sits car child/baby

Choose a private driver CAB with a seat car for your children!

A travel with your child of 1 or 2 years? No Problem! Itor it does not return any more in the seat hull

Do you wish to call a VTC driver to return to the station to take a train, the airport for a plane, or another destination a companied by your child? Surely worried by your final destinationdid you think of the conditions of your child at the time of the way on board vehicle? The security of your children with a seat car is essential.
We will explain you why that can be very dangerous to keep your child sitting on you.

40% of the accidents fatal in the momentary child occur at the time of ways lower than 3 km. Evento only 50 km/h, a child not attached incurs the same risks that if it fell from the fourth stage. Conclusion: it is always necessary to attach your child in his seat, even for the short ways.
In the event of abrupt brake application: You can too extremely tighten it against you with the effect of surprised or the fear. You can yourself be ejected of your seat. If you attached it between you and girdles it, the shock can crush the rib cage of your baby.

Yes, that is alarming but they are things all made possible! For us, as professionals of the transport of people, the risk is too great.

Private drivers VTC concerned of the security parents and children.

The seat car is not obligatory for the VTC private driver, the buses or other public transport except if the driver exerts within the framework of convention of school transport.

By defaults, the near total of the drivers on whomyou will call will not be equipped to transport yourchild.
Fortunately, in Sola Drive, concerned always to bring a maximum of comfort and of services to you,we think of all and have seat car for your cabbageends.

To profit from it, it is enough at the time of yourorder to notify it in comment in the form ofreservation, or with the oral examination with yourinterlocutor within the framework of a phone call.

We will always do the utmost to answer yourwaitings and to make safe your ways.


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