Terms & Conditions

The customer admits having taken knowledge of the General terms of Sale at the time of the réservation

Our is quoted without commitment of our share, the reservation is effective after our acceptance of the demande.

The fact of holding is worth whole acceptance by the customer of present the TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Any reservation must be last via the site, e-mail, phone call or SMS. Each reservation must comprise the name of the customer, his address e-mail, its phone number, the start address and arrival, the date and the hour of the service as well as the number of passengers and the number of luggage. E-mail or SMS of confirmation will be sent to you to validate your réservation.

The service is carried out the day and at the hour specified at the time of the reservation, the drivers are specific, except in the event of cause beyond control (accident, traffic jam etc…). In the event of delay of the customer (delay of plane or train) the 15 first minutes are include in the invoiced price, then 20€ by 30 minute old slice. If the customer having regulated a service would not present himself to the place and schedules which it itself indicated, so that the carrier would be in the incapacity to ensure the assumption of responsibility, the responsibility for SOLA DRIVE COMPANY could not be committed, no refunding nor allowance will not be dus.

The cancellation of the service will have to be addressed in writing is by e-mail or mail with the salesman.
In the event of cancellation of a service on behalf of the customer, expenses of cancellation will be required according to the following methods:
In the event of cancellation 48 H before the beginning of the service for some reason that it is: 20% of amount including all taxes of the service.
In the event of 24:00 cancellation before the beginning of the service for some reason that it is: 30% of amount including all taxes of the service.
In the event of cancellation the day of the service for some reason that it is: 50% of amount including all taxes of the prestation.

The accepted payments are the following for the payment on board: Credit card (standard Credit card, Visa, Eurocard Mastercard, American Express), Species. And for the online payment is done for safety reasons exclusively by the means of PAY-PAL. No payment by cheque will be accepted except for the local companies in account invoiced at the end of the mois.

SOLA DRIVE COMPANY provides its best efforts to deal with the people with reduced mobility. The safety regulations in force for the transport of people in wheel chairs will be always complied with and all the drivers who are brought to accomplish this kind of transport are trained with handling and the safety regulations.
The school accompaniment minor people is limited to the assumption of responsibility with the starting point and with demounting at the point of arrival, the driver takes care which the child is of course return in the residence or the point of arrival and which it is completely in security.
Sola Drive Company could not be held responsible for any problem which would occur apart from the way and of its rules establishes.
For more information thank you to get in touch with us to the 07 82 87 70 37.

The parts with the contracts state to respect the obligations put at their load by the regulations in force as regards production of personal data, and in particular the law n° 78-17 of January 6th, 1978; modified by the law of August 6th, 2004 .

SOLA DRIVE COMPANY books the right to call on sub-contracting companies in order to ensure the continuity of the service, insofar as the service suggested is equivalent to that of SOLA DRIVE COMPANY.